My First Post

my-first-postDear Readers,

Welcome into the world of Set My Destiny. This is my first post here so, I personally thank you to head to SMD. I have created this blog to educate, inform and guide people like me & you on various topics in digital marketing and blogging. Here I will share my own experience that I have earned in my professional career.

I launched this blog with a hope to help other professionals in online marketing. The reason to choose digital marketing as a niche is the involvement in the same. For last 4 years every day, I have dealt with various aspects of digital marketing, yet I am desperate to learn more, cherish the core of blogging, that will help me to accomplish its goal. My interest, passion and my enthusiasm about online marketing and blogging led to the creation of SetMyDestiny.

Here in SMD, I will write about new and innovative ideas on SEO, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

So, stay with me in my dream journey. Your support and appreciations are deadly needed to make it a successful blog.

“Keep me motivated by your valuable comments and feedback”

Very truly yours,



Hey Guys, This is Riyaz, The author of this blog. I am a digital marketing consultant from India. I loves to write on Blogging and Digital Marketing. I will be happy to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook