An Interview With Manmeet Pal Singh- The Founder of BlogX

This is the second interview in a row at SetMyDestiny in our interview series. Today we are going to interview a serial entrepreneur who has excelled himself in many diverse ventures. He is a very popular face among bloggers, digital marketer, domainers and tech entrepreneurs.

He is the founder & advisor of Domain Name Owner Association of India (DNOAI), Founder of BlogX- a blog conference, Fellow at ICANN, Business head of Soofi Group- A Technology Company based out in India.

He is none other than Mr. Manmeet Pal Singh the pioneer domain consultant and internet entrepreneur in India. So, without any more due let’s start with the interview.


Riyaz: Hi Manmeet, Welcome to SetMyDestiny and thank you very much to spare a few minutes of your valuable time for the interview.

Thanks Riyaz, it’s my pleasure to be here with you.

Though you need no formal introduction, please tell us something about you and your current ventures.

Thanks a lot Riyaz for this kind gesture. I have been in Domain Name industry from last 16 years and one of the pioneers in India. I have been branding companies and investing in domain names for some time now.

Currently I am associated with quite a few organizations with various positions that are listed here below:

  • Organizer – DomainX™ Events (DomainX&BlogX)
  • Chief Executive Officer – Reappoint Internet
  • Director, Domain Names – MicroHost.com
  • Advisor to the Board – Domain Name Owners Association of India™
  • Fellow – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • Member, NomCom 2 – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Please tell us something about BlogX and how you got the idea to organize such a huge blogging conference?

We have been organizing DomainX™ Conference and workshops from last 4 years and it’s the only dedicated Domain Name Investors event in India.

Last year, I was discussing some innovative options with Manoj Dhanda (CEO, MicroHost.com) and different events taking place in India. This is when bloggers, content creators and blogging events came into our discussion. We found out there was nothing more specific and dedicated related to blogging industry being done in the country.

We at once decided to do something to leverage our network (our net-worth) and organize a small bloggers meet. With references and recommendations, the list grew big enough that we decided to do a full-fledged large scale event; BlogX and you know the history now.

Many of us are not fully aware of domain name business, can you please brief us what is domaining and how to make career out of it?

Well, I have been in Domain Name Industry from last 16 years and from this experience I can only suggest everyone to read a lot about Domain Names and related investments before jumping into the domain name business.

When you have sufficient knowledge, you will automatically find ways to invest in the right set of keyword domain names to make career out of the ever-so-interesting industry. All interested individuals should follow DomainInsider.in(grab a free ebook while there) to learn about the latest trends in domain names.

What will be your advice to buy expired domains, are they worthy to invest in? If yes, what are the best platforms to find them?

There are a lot of great domain names dropping every day. We also list out dropping domain Names on DomainInsider.in which you can hand-register once available and resell or use accordingly.

There are a lot of expired domains which were being used in past and dropped for one reason or other. You need to be alert, research and look for the right expired domain as a diamond in rough. It can give you great benefits in SEO at times, resell to previous owner and some direct traffic as well.

There are quite a few platforms to find and research about expired domains,however one that I oftenuse and most effective is ExpiredDomains.net

We have seen a huge growth in .IN TLDs in the recent past, how much opportunity you see in TLDs other than .COM?

.COM is the king and will always be, howeverdomain name investors havetaken notice of India as the biggest market in terms of business and growth with next 1 billion users on the Internet predicted to be from India. Domain name investors have started investing with zeal in .IN ccTLDdomain names as each multinational company has set their eyes on a piece of that pie with various innovative products. Each new launch in the market would require a new domain name to introduce that product/service on the Internet, rest you can do the calculations 🙂

.IN is becoming popular because of the efforts of domaining community, localization and business aspects being offered with the use of .IN ccTLD. We recently observed one of the biggest .IN sale for Airfare.in that was sold for 18,000 USD. This sale was made by my company; Reappoint Internet to Mr. Sunny Bajaj of JMM interactive.

What criteria you would suggest when buying domains for resale? i.e; what should be the domain name length, meaning and other factors to consider?

For people starting out in this industry, I would suggest to read, read and read a bit more before investing in any domain name. Once you have read enough, start by figuring out the niche you understand well, the niche you think has commercial value, the niche which has a proven track record of previous domain name sales. You can also make decent money buying expired domains or hand registered keyword domains which can be flipped easily.

With experience and learning you will be able to understand the industry and make wiser investments.

Manmeet Pal Singh

We have seen people buying .Club, .Events, .Online, .Guru, and many other new domains.How you see the future for these gTLDs?

The gTLDs are evolving and as such every new product takes it own sweet time to settle, recognized and accepted by consumers in the market. According to my experience, it’ll be few years at the minimum before we see reasonable traction for the new gTLDs. People bullish about them have been investing in the exact match domains (for example: www.domainx.events or www.coffee.club) and some high volume search keywords which make sense on left and right of the dot.

Which domain tools you are using in your business, can you please share with our readers?

I use my experience and in-house developed tools for carrying out daily research for business. Some additional tools are these:

Google Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner helps you figure out the relative worth of keywords, research traffic volume and the CPC(Cost Per Click).

Namebio.com:NameBio is a comprehensive historical domain name sales database to research domain name values and prices with comparable sales.

NamePros.com: This is best website to get connected and stay upto-date with the latest trends of domain name industry.

ExpiredDomains.net:The best website to research and get the information about daily dropping or Expired Domains. Their enhanced filters make your life easy.

From which registrar you buy domains in bulk and where do you host them?

That’s an interesting question and the answer is quite simple; I register them and buy in bulk at my own registrar NameCatch.org, which happens to be the best partner of Godaddy.com in India with over 15000+ domain names under our portfolio management.

We host all our developed websites at MicroHost.com whereas idle inventory of domain names parked at various aftermarket parking platform which help us sell them with ease.

Please share your insights on Domain Name Parking, how one can make a passive income source from the display ads on parked domain?

If you have a portfolio of domain names, say 50, 100, 1000 or so.trust me, it will be very difficult for you to host all of them on any of the shared hosting plans. It is always better to choose a domain name parking platform which will help you make money of the idle inventory while selling few every once in awhile. There are some very good parking services where you can park your domains for free.

These parking platforms help you earn some parking revenue through advertising links displayed on the domain names, however parking revenue is relatively very less so I suggest not to see it as a passive income source. There was time when people made gold-money through parked domain names however that’s no-more.

Which platform you would suggest for domain parking? And why?

It is difficult to single-out one domain name parking platform but I personally prefer ParkingCrew.com as the addition and setup of the domains is quite simple, hassle free and revenue payout is on time.

Apart from selling and parking what else can be done with domains?

Develop them!

That’s what I have done with PunjabiSuits.com which was purchased from aftermarket as a gift for my wife.

How many domains you have in your portfolio? Can you please share with us?

I think some 10,000+ domain names.

Trust factor is very important in domaining business, how one can build trust in the industry?

Trust is huge in any business. Trust can be achieved by regular networking, building relationships and ethical business dealings.

Networking is also important in domaining, what would you advice to the newcomers for networking with fellow domainers? What should be the approach?

Exactly my point, networking is one of the key factors in building trust with fellow industry men. Approach should be simple and straight to the point. What, why and how of domain name investing?

During networking, walk up to any pioneer of the domain name industry at an event or reach-out through social media, email etc. You can also kickstart networking by attendingDomainX and other domain name related events forbuilding long term business relationships.

What challenges you faced in this business and how you tackle them?

There are ups and downs in life, everyone has faced them. I too have seen difficulties in life but have always taken those at face value and as a test to do better in my personal or professional career.

I started my career in Internet Industry 16 years back while studying in Canada and that’s when I registered my first ever, a crappy domain name.

I spent 5 years of (growing-up) life in Canada, however due to some personal issues, had to return home in Amritsar, India to support my family business. We have couple of petrol stations in Amritsar. I started overseeing operations of the family business after the sudden demise of my father in late 2007 due to cancer. In 2007 after the biggest setback of my life, I continued working on my passion for domain names along with full time job of taking care of family business. This is when I slowly and gradually learnt more about domaining.

My biggest domain name sale was of 143.com in the year 2015 for USD 150,000.

Manmeet Pal Singh

I have provided domain name consulting to several Fortune 500 clients and big league companies in order to acquire premium keyword domain names for their business.I can proudly say that I founded Domain Name Owners Association of India in early 2012 and started DomainX™Events for domain name investors in India to join forces and bring investment, monetization and general awareness towards the domain name industry.

The series of events started each year and never looked back.Last year we started BlogX series as well, which we all know is the biggest event hit in blogging sector and things are going great now.

What will be your advice to the newbie domainers? How they should start?

Pretty straight-forward and simple advice: Start by reading and learning from NamePros.com, DNJournal.com and DomainInsider.in for at least 2-3 months before you buy that first domain name.

Is there any study material or guide you would suggest our readers to go through to have a basic understanding of domain business?

NamePros.comforum is the best source on the Internet for domain name investors to get started. I would also suggest you to read my no-frills basic guide to Domain Name Investing 101 eBook which can be downloaded free of cost from DomainInsider.in from where you will be able to understand the basics of domain name industry.

We all have enjoyed and learned a lot in BlogX and DomainX this year and are very excited for the next year dates, how soon you are going to announce it?

In fact, BlogX 2017 Conference, New Delhi is just around the corner as we recently announced the dates and venue for our upcoming event. Check us out at www.blogx.in and register before we are sold out.

Enjoy learning about domain name world and feel free to reach out to me through various social media channels.

Use “SETMYDESTINY” as a discounted coupon code while you are booking your tickets for BlogX 2017 and get 50% off on the regular prices 🙂

Visit blogx.in


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