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Welcome to my Blog – SetMyDestiny.com (for convenient we will call it SMD), A blogging hotspot where I will share my experience and skills on digital marketing and blogging. You can ask and discuss anything related to online marketing here.

Here are some the important topics that I am going to share with you on SMD.

  • Digital Marketing including SEO, SMO & PPC
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging Tips
  • Make Money Online
  • How to Guides
  • WordPress
  • Hot Deals on Web Hosting etc.

My aim is to help someone who is eagerly looking for a career in blogging or digital marketing. So in short SetMyDestiny is an answer for the below hot questions:

  • How to make a career in blogging?
  • How to make a living out of blogging?
  • How to make an authority blog and establish yourself in online marketing?
  • How to become a public figure by blogging?

So, let’s do something innovative and learn the Art of Blogging [Tweet “Learn the Art of Blogging”]

A warm hello from the Author 🙂

md-riyaz-alamDear Readers,

This is Riyaz, the guy behind this blog. Internet and gadgets are oxygen for me. I breath, sleep, awake and dream on it only. I love to write about blogging and digital marketing. The reason of my interest in digital marketing is the struggle I had in the early days of my career. I had previously worked as a digital marketing consultant in Sky Infotech- A training institute in Noida and trained many students and working professional on digital marketing.

I have done my Masters in Computer Applications from Jamia Hamdrad, New Delhi in 2012. Blogging was my centre of interest since my college days, as I was not so interested in programming. So my passion about internet and a little experience in online marketing lead me to launch this blog.

I want to build a blogging hotspot here with SMD where bloggers from different niche can participate and discuss their innovative ideas and tips. The only purpose of this blog is to help someone who is indeed looking for some serious help on online marketing and blogging. So, that’s all about me and SMD.

Let’s enjoy the latest and evergreen posts and articles and put your valuable comment, suggestions here. Your feedback will be helpful for me to make it a more informative blog. Interested to know more about me? You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora.