10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Make Your Blog Successful- Newbie Guide


We make lot of mistakes every day and it is normal, as it is a human tendency to make mistakes. The more you commit mistakes the more you will learn. The only thing is keeps on learning by your mistakes.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

― Albert Einstein

So how much mistakes you have made till now? I am damn sure you cannot even count them.

Before going further there are a few questions that I would like you to answer here. If your answers are mostly yes, then this is the exact article you should read from the beginning to the end (otherwise you can head to your Facebook account and chat with your loved ones). Below are the questions:

Q.1 Do you have a blog?

Q.2 Do you have a passion for blogging?

Q.3 Do you want to start your own blog?

Q.4 Do you want to make your career in Blogging?

Q.5 Do you have a blog that is not making even a penny for you?

Are you still here? I guess you are, and your answers are yes for at least 2 or 3 of the above questions. OK, okay just be with me for the next few minutes and go through the below tips to avoid those mistakes that every blogger makes at least once.

Before I start, here is few popular definition of blogging that we heard usually…

“Blogging is all about expressing your thoughts and knowledge”

“Blogging is way to proof you as a writer”

“Blogging is a way to live a boss free life”

“Blogging is about sharing your thoughts and skills with the masses”

“It is something that can make you popular and give you an identity”

There are so many definitions for blogging but for me Blogging is incredible because I do not make it to for money but to live my dreams with complete freedom and a feeling to help someone by my skills.

Now without any other confession let’s starts with the main topic.

What are the common mistakes we do that should be avoided.

Blogging is not as easy as people think about it. It needs a hard dedication and passion. It needs seamless efforts to maintain a blog and to take it to an excellent level. So here are some of the advises that can help you out to avoid those mistakes.

1. Choose the right platform.

There are a plenty of platform to make your blog. It could be any CMS (Content management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more. This is the first step to get your blog live and success. A user-friendly interface and effortless functionality can make your work easy. I would recommend Word Press for blogging because I am using it for last 2 years and I am quite happy with it. Furthermore I will write a specific article on How to make a professional blog using WordPress later, but for now let us just discuss about the briefs.

2. Do not go for free theme and plug-ins.

If you are serious and interested to make a career in blogging, do not use free theme and plug-ins. cheap stuffs are actually costly for professionals like you and me. The reason is: The free themes and plug-ins are mostly launched with the beta versions and they are intact with bugs (many a time) secondly, it can crash anytime that will lead you to face a crisis and costs you more. Plus if you choose premium themes and plug-ins they will help and support any time and you will be entitled for the future updates as well. So go for the paid ones.

3. Explore current and trending topics to get the eyes on your posts.

Will you read something that has been already published on dozens of sites and tons of articles has been written on it? No obviously you will not, so how you can expect the same from someone else? Nobody wants to read old, outdated and worthless stuff. So try to keep updating yourself to make your blog fresh, useful and worthy for your visitors. In my next post, I will write how to find new topics for blogging as well.

4. Write about topics that are always evergreen.

Choosing the right topic and category is very important for becoming a successful blogging career. Topics get outdated and people do not like to read outdated stuffs. So choose topics very wisely that have a strong potential in the future as well. One more important thing is the interest. Choose what you love and what you feel comfortable about, otherwise you will soon get out of ideas and enthusiasm.

5. Your website visitors are real human! Do not treat them as bots.

Will you choose a test less food over a McDonald burger? No, I bet you will not. The same theory applies to your website visitors. They are the real human like you and me. So serve them tasty and delicious content including pictures, videos and info graphics so that they can enjoy your write up and can learn something new.

6. Content will be king forever, so keep it unique and meaningful.

Quality content can turn your website visitors to readers, so never do Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V instead research on the topics before writing about it. Your readers will love and share your posts with friends and fellows if you serve them unique and useful content. So try to be honest with the content you write for them because it is the soul of a blog.

7. Do not worry for traffic and ranking.

Hard work is always appreciated, so do not even think about cheap marketing strategies. Just write something that can make someone’s day and can help them in a critical situation. Your reader will make your publicity and the mouth publicity is the best advertisement. Furthermore if your content is useful even Search Engine will love it and will do the rest of the things accordingly. They are now quite smart

8. Make e-relationships with your visitors.

Most of us commit this mistake. We write a post, publish it and left it alone. There is desperate need to answer the comments and views that your visitors write there. It doesn’t matter whether the comments are in favor or against but you should reply you’re your views on the same. If you properly answer all the queries on a post then I can guarantee you these visitors will be an asset for your blog. Answering the queries will even increase your article’s length and it will help in your search engine ranking as well. So make an engagement and relationships with your visitors.

9. Sharing is powerful and sexy.

Whenever you write a post, try to share it on every platform where you find it possible (in relevant spaces). And to share your content easily you can use Social Pilot, An awesome tool that easily schedule posts across multiple social media accounts. Another way to share is to send an email to the entire subscriber that you have in your email database.(if you do not have any database you can send it to your personal contacts) I will soon write a separate post on how to get traffic on your blog posts.

10. Update your old articles time to time to make them evergreen.

There are a lot of updates happen in every field of work and blogging has been ever growing over the years. You need to update your old articles to make them ever green otherwise they will just waste your resources and even they can harm the quality of your blog.

One should not go for blogging just to make money, as it will lead you to frustration. (Obviously it will make money for you but the aim should not be money but to express your skills of writing otherwise you will get fed up very soon).

Let me know how much you like my write up. Share your views (no matter good or bad), Share it with your friends and colleagues who have the similar interest as you and me have.


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